3-Layer Cotton Pads


A box of soft, safe, and lint-free 3 layer cotton pads. Made from 100% cotton and free of 8 harmful substances (fluorescent material, formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, mercury, antimony, cadmium and nickel), because your skin deserves the best.
Weight: 80 pads


100% cotton

100% cotton compressed with an extremely high pressure of water (waterjet technology), gives a safe, soft and, lint-free experience.



Free of 8 harmful substances


How to use

To swipe: Wet a cotton pad with the toner and gently swipe across your face
To soak: Separate a cotton pads into 3 layers. Place two sheets on each side of the cheeks and one on the forehead like a mini mask. Relax for 3 minutes, then remove.

Soak it with Artemisia Rice Essence Toner. Separate into 3 sheets and use it as a mini mask to relieve sensitive, irritated areas.