Pore Refine Duo

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Set includes:
Carrotene IPMP™ Instant Calming Serum Pads - 80 pads. 220ml / 7.4 oz. (twizer inside)
Calendula 10% PHA+AHA Resurfacing Serum30ml | 1.01 fl. oz.


Carrotene IPMP™
Inspired by organic carrot and fresh thyme leaves, APRILSKIN’s Carrotene IPMP™ fights acne in a way never seen before. Beta-Carotene, rich in Carrot Root Extract, and Thymol, rich in Thyme, have strong anti-inflammatory effects that instantly soothe red and painful acne. Additionally, it helps to suppress acne-causing bacteria in the pores which smoothes and softens bumpy and uneven skin texture.

Gentle chemical exfoliators that help shed dead skin cells on the skin surface and dissolve accumulated, hardened sebum plugs, while preventing sebum from becoming crystalized. This gentle but effective exfoliating duo revitalizes the skin, leaving noticeable radiance after use, minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines, making your skin look and feel noticeably softer.



experienced less tightness and dryness with 5 minutes of use.


experienced less redness and cooling of the skin with 5 minutes of use.


agreed this product does not leave skin feeling sensitive or irritated


Skin texture (roughness) improved by 10.98% in 2 weeks of use


1. After cleansing, apply a dime-sized amount of Calendula 10% PHA+AHA Resurfacing Serum over the entire face, avoiding direct contact with eyes and lips.
2. Do not rinse. Lightly pat skin to enhance absorption of remaining product into the skin.
3. Using the tweezer inside of Carrotene IPMP™ Instant Calming Serum Pads, pick up a pad and place it on the area of concern.
4. Leave the pad on for at least 3 minutes and tap in the remaining serum after removal.

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