How to glow up your day when your job is stressful

Name: Meg Sircar
Age: 20
Occupation: consultant

Hey ladies – as a 20-something corporate consultant, my skin takes a major beating during the week! We all want glowing, hydrated, and rested skin (especially when you have meetings lined up with clients!), but ain’t nobody got time for that so here are my secret tips to achieving that look!

As a busy career gal, I’ve always had a hard time balancing work and self-care. I’m either running to a meeting or trying to squeeze in a workout class! Coming home late and not getting enough beauty sleep makes my skin look dull in the mornings. So here’s what I do every night before bed to make sure I’m all glowed up the next morning!

Step 1

I start off by usingthe Calendula Foam Cleanser to wash my face. I love this cleanser because the calendula extract is gentle and calming on my skin. After wearing makeup all day this cleanser is like getting a warm hug! With this cleanser a little goes a long way so I use about a pea sized amount.

Step 2

After I rinse off my face, I like to buff everything out with the Calendula peeling pad! Do you know that dull skin is most of the time caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells? From my experience dead skin is one of the biggest reasons your skin is looking tired. That’s why exfoliation is so important. And the Calendula Peeling Padcomes in handy because it’s so othing and it’s not harsh on my skin. After swiping a few times, I’d flip it to the other side and leave it on like a face mask. This gives my skin extra hydration and soothing care!

Step 3

Next, I give my skin a boost of vitamin A, which is known to treat blemishes and brighten up the skin. I pump a few drops of Carrot Blemish Serum directly on my face because apparently the skin on your hands absorbs product really quickly, and I don’t wanna lose those nutrients!

Then I give my skin a few pats and I’m done! Until next time, wishing you all beautiful, glowing, and youthful skin days ahead!

Used Items

Calendula Foam Cleanser

Calendula Peeling Pads

Carrot Blemish Serum